New Glasses

I had my yearly visit to the eye doctor a few weeks ago. I knew my eyes had changed a little bit, and sure enough, she changed my contact prescription. As it had been at least 10 years since i’d gotten a new prescription for glasses, i decided to update that prescription, too, and get some new ones. I picked them up today.

Now, i know from my hearing aids that the brain needs to adjust to new sensory input. These new glasses will take a little getting used to. I only really wear them at home, and so i took the [old] contacts out earlier than usual tonight and put the new glasses on.

Aside from the scratches and pleh that impeded my sight with the old ones, this new prescription is sharp! I don’t need readers with the glasses to work on the computer – and i keep trying to look over them to see the TV, thinking i have readers on, too, which has been my geeky norm for a number of years. I can just look up and see the TV!

So much more clear – so much more sharp! I am seeing things with my new glasses that i’ve never seen before!

Holy crap. I have some cobwebs to deal with.

And it’s funny – I’m happy to have the spiders, because they eat the bugs [it’s a free-for-all around here, frankly] – but they leave such a mess!!!

protest song 10-5-18

Two FB posts that i thought were better published here.  The FB posts became one, and it was far more moderate.  No song, and just a gentle request.  But this is what i’m really feeling and thinking.  My ability to put it into workable lyric form isn’t solid…but the thought it.
Bullshit – this is all bullshit
And too many lawmakers suck
Too many people are all done with it,
too many don’t no longer give a fuck.
There are too many haters
there are too many entitled fucks
there are too many who keep themselves ignorant
there are too many down on their luck
And we don’t seem to give a shit,
we don’t seem to care.
We just stay in our bubbles
and breathe the our own same air
And it’s making us sick
and it’s weakening our power
And if we don’t make our voices heard, share our hearts,
it might be the last hour
And so now i call bullshit
I call your damned lies
I call on my brothers and sisters
raise our voice to the skies
Tell the people who struggle, and the ones who do well,
tell the ones who’re forgotten
tell the members of Congress
We all need to be better
[this needs work]
Give me your best contemporary protest song. Tell the name of the artist and the name of the song.
Because i feel rage right now. I feel angry and ignored. I feel like i don’t matter. And that is not a good feeling.
So help me channel this into something positive. I share my friend Lara’s song a little while ago. What’ve YOU got?
what i posted:
Give me your best contemporary protest song. Tell the name of the artist and the name of the song. I shared my friend Lara’s song a little while ago. What’ve YOU got?
7:25  10-5-18  Edits possible.

4-11-18 It’s Just a Test

Here are things to consider if you want to pass any test,  assuming you’ve done your studying.

The more words you know, the better you understand any test question.

What do the words really mean?

Examine everything about every question.  Know what the question is asking – unpack it phrase by phrase, word by word if you have to.  Take your time; you’re allowed.

Using all the words you know, and all the variations of the definitions that you now, think about other ways to say the same thing.  This will help you to infer, and that is a key skill you will need.

Relax.  If it’s an emergency test, we’ll let you know.

Here’s the kicker: If you can do this for a test, you can do this in your life:

* Be mindful of everything you see, read, and hear.

*Engage all the words.

THIS is the life skill.

Even better, it can become an interesting and on-going personal challenge – and a lot of fun!

What do the words really mean?

A-Z: Blogging Through April – D

Depleted – how I feel after getting rear-ended last night.  My car might be totaled, my neck and back hurt, and i’m just beat.  But D is also for Damned Good Family – who drove me around and helped in other ways today – and Friends, who have offered all sorts of advice and comfort and help.  And it is for Dropping Into Bed as soon as it becomes clear that the UConn women are on their way to another championship.

A-Z: Blogging Through April – C

C is for cell phones, those ubiquitous extensions to our upper appendages.  They are useful, helpful, important tools, but too often they become barriers to what is really important.  This is a letter I have been writing in my head since September, when I first started to notice the behavior it addresses.  I’m still wondering how to get it to the addressee; if you have any ideas, please let me know in the comments.

Dear Woman With the Cell Phone,

I see you two, maybe three mornings every week, getting breakfast for yourself and your middle school son at the local deli that makes such wonderful breakfast sandwiches.  No judgement there – they make my breakfast every work day.  There is no shame in not making a hot breakfast for yourself and your son, when such a yummy one can be had so easily elsewhere.

I see you sit at the table across from your young son – a seventh grader, I think, to judge by his size – with your face buried in your cell phone that sits on the table in front of you.  Your son would love to have some conversation with you, or at least some companionable silence as you both look around, watch people, wake up together.  But you don’t see him.  You’re in Facebook, or a text message, or some other alternate reality,  and it is clear to onlookers, and certainly to your son, that social media is more important to you in that moment than he is.  I am sad for both of you, because these years pass so quickly, and before long, he will be off to college, leaving you wondering where the time went, and why the years seem like such a blur.  The boy’s father could tell you, if you asked him.

I see him in the morning with your son every couple of weeks, and there’s no cell phone in sight.  There is conversation – sometimes animated, sometimes casual.  There is companionable silence as each looks around, watches people…wakes up in the comforting company of the other.  There is a closeness between father and son that is, to all appearances, missing in the mother-son relationship.

Lady, put your cell phone away.  Your son will only be this age for today, and he needs you to be present in his life – not just physically, but emotionally, too.  When I see you together, I get a sense of cold, of distance, of detachment.  I foresee a day in the future when you wonder why your son never calls, never visits, doesn’t seem to care, and if I am around for you to ask me, I will point your memory to the days, the months, when your cell phone came first.

It’s easy to blame the cell phone, but I don’t.


A Caring Stranger.

A-Z: Blogging Through April – B

B is for Baseball, which returns tomorrow night!  We Mets fans were left just short of the holy grail at the end of last season, and as the season begins anew we look forward to getting back to the World Series and giving it another, more experienced, shot.  All of our pitchers are healthy and will throw without pitch counts; Yoennis Cespédes, against all the odds, returns to New York; and skipper Terry Collins gets the best chance in his life to get it done.  Last year, the World Series was a pipe dream that became reality.  This year, it’s an expectation.

That brings pressure, of course.  Daniel Murphy, who has been a mainstay all over the infield for the last several years, has moved on to division arch-nemisis Washington. David Wright’s spinal stenosis hasn’t gone away.  There are questions on the infield and in the pen.  But this is a core of guys who have now tasted it, and who want it – badly.  Their quest begins tomorrow night.

Let’s Go Mets!

A-Z: Blogging Through April – A

April.  Blogging April A-Z.  Nobody challenged me to do it, but a couple of friends are having a go, so I thought I would, too.  It’s always good to make myself write.  I tried to do the November blogging thing a couple of years ago, and while I got a few things written, without a focus I just didn’t have the wherewithal to see it through.  I am hoping that this time, the simple prompt of a letter a day will be enough to keep me going.  So with that in mind, and without further ado, I am pleased to present you with the following start to the month.

Abecedarian.  A remarkably cool word, and the perfect one with which to begin this April adventure.  I first encountered it about 20 years ago or so when I was doing a lot of counted cross stitching, and was designing some pieces to give as gifts.  I was looking for different alphabets to use, and came across a book that was full of them.  It was an Abecedary.  Said so right there on the cover.  I thought that was really cool – an abecedary.  A collection of alphabets, of course.  Looked it up and discovered that its broader meaning was anything that is of or for a beginner, and that the adjective form is abecedarian.  I don’t say the word out loud much in either form – I think there is a part of me that is loath to share it – but I do think it often in my inner conversation, and now I am writing it here for you.

You’re welcome. 😉