Here are things to consider if you want to pass any test,  assuming you’ve done your studying.

The more words you know, the better you understand any test question.

What do the words really mean?

Examine everything about every question.  Know what the question is asking – unpack it phrase by phrase, word by word if you have to.  Take your time; you’re allowed.

Using all the words you know, and all the variations of the definitions that you now, think about other ways to say the same thing.  This will help you to infer, and that is a key skill you will need.

Relax.  If it’s an emergency test, we’ll let you know.

Here’s the kicker: If you can do this for a test, you can do this in your life:

* Be mindful of everything you see, read, and hear.

*Engage all the words.

THIS is the life skill.

Even better, it can become an interesting and on-going personal challenge – and a lot of fun!

What do the words really mean?