Friday night, snowstorm coming, hockey team in action. Sleeping in tomorrow, enjoying a nice IPA tonight, and actively taking the relaxation that is sometimes elusive during the school year. What does that look like?

Tonight, it looks like me geeking out on the weather, in a weather nerd forum, with far geekier weather nerds than i…and me also geeking out in a Facebook thread about the hockey game, with fans from my side and theirs.

Knitting a row here and there on a new project, one that actually is for a real purpose that just makes greater the relaxation that knitting brings: a baby blanket for some soon-to-be-first-time-parent friends of mine. Knitting baby yarn on size sixes at home, and chunky #6 yarn on size nines at school. The baby work seems even more delicate in comparison.

And a very nice IPA.

I don’t say this often, because i so hate to brag…but tonight, i’m livin’ the dream.