B is for Baseball, which returns tomorrow night!  We Mets fans were left just short of the holy grail at the end of last season, and as the season begins anew we look forward to getting back to the World Series and giving it another, more experienced, shot.  All of our pitchers are healthy and will throw without pitch counts; Yoennis Cespédes, against all the odds, returns to New York; and skipper Terry Collins gets the best chance in his life to get it done.  Last year, the World Series was a pipe dream that became reality.  This year, it’s an expectation.

That brings pressure, of course.  Daniel Murphy, who has been a mainstay all over the infield for the last several years, has moved on to division arch-nemisis Washington. David Wright’s spinal stenosis hasn’t gone away.  There are questions on the infield and in the pen.  But this is a core of guys who have now tasted it, and who want it – badly.  Their quest begins tomorrow night.

Let’s Go Mets!